Re: Sputnik 1

From: Chris Jones (
Date: Fri Jul 11 2008 - 18:37:34 UTC

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    Gerhard HOLTKAMP wrote:
    > The pictures showing the aerials protruding radially away from the satellite 
    > are not correct. But during launch the aerials were indeed closer to the body 
    > to fit with the nose cone. All four aerials would spring open into their 
    > unfurled position at separation from the launcher at an angle of 35 degrees 
    > with regard to Sputnik 1's main axis. So all the other pictures and models on 
    > display show it correctly.
    I've seen drawings (not photographs) showing the antenna lying on the
    OUTSIDE of the nose cone, extending a little bit past the bottom end of
    the nose cone.  This doesn't seem to jibe with the story of the technician
    going up to the nose cone on the launcher shortly before launch with a
    radio receiver to ensure that Sputnik's transmitter was working (if the
    antenna were outside the nose cone, the signal should have been receivable
    from a distance; there would have been no need to get close), so I suspect
    these drawings do not show the true pre-launch configuration.
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