Dutch media attention to the EAS

From: Marco Langbroek (marco.langbroek@wanadoo.nl)
Date: Wed Jul 23 2008 - 18:25:08 UTC

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    Hi all,
    It is a slow time for the news media apparently. Which however is good for our 
    hobby, as it gets media exposure.
    After my EAS observation & photograph was featured last Monday on 
    spaceweather.com, it has been picked up by Dutch news media, who are now running 
    stories like "space junk visible from earth", some naming my observation.
    For example (in Dutch):
    This evening a radio reporter from our national broadcasting organization NOS 
    will visit me for a small interview.
    So, nice attention to our hobby. This evening's 23:43 CEST passage of EAS will 
    be special here, as it happens at the same time as the ISS makes a passages: so 
    both can be seen at the same moment, ISS at 80 degrees altitude, EAS at 40. We 
    have intremittent clear and cloud fields here, but I'll try to observe it.
    - Marco
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