Object in Sky?

From: Marilyn Harris (marilyn1950@rogers.com)
Date: Sun Jul 27 2008 - 15:01:03 UTC

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    I have been told to try this list for an answer to a recent sighting a 
    friend and I had whih we could not figure out. It took place in Gatienau 
    Park which lies close (~20/30 miles) to Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Ottawa's 
    coordinates are: Latitude: 45 25' 0 N, Longitude: 75 42' 0 W
    It was around 9:45 or thereabouts at night, we noticed a rather slow moving, 
    light-emitting object wobbling across the night sky which did not seem to be 
    very far up (maybe a few miles?). Although it is difficult to determine 
    distance at night. The light (which was white) did not go on and off like a 
    plane's, but was continuously shining. It seemed to wobble compared to the 
    stars behind which were stationary.  It seemed to be silent from what we 
    could gather - although that's difficult to tell too. At any rate we didn't 
    hear any airplane/helicopter noise. We were basically headed in a 
    south/south west direction and it flew over in generally a west-to-east 
    The object seemed to be wobbling a little unlike the stars behind it which 
    were stationary and to our eyes it didn't look like it was very far up in 
    the sky - judging by the clarity of the light and size of the object. It was 
    going sort of slowly - maybe the typical speed of a small plane or a 
    helicopter and could watch it for several seconds.
    Anyway, thanks for any help;
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