Object in Sky

From: Marilyn Harris (marilyn1950@rogers.com)
Date: Tue Jul 29 2008 - 11:14:25 UTC

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    I tried sending out this email yesterday but it didn't make it to the list.
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    We were heading back to Ottawa on this road:
    I am looking at the google satellite image and I think we (the car) were 
    facing south at that point (we were stopped at the side of the road when we 
    first noticed the object) and so the obect was basically going from west to 
    east (this is only approximate). The date was July 19th and the time, maybe 
    around 10 pm.
    I did not see anything but a blob of light traversing the night sky - larger 
    than the background stars and big enough that a wobble was noticeable. I did 
    not see any shape really other than basically round. The light was whitish 
    and unblinking.
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