fellow sat observer report on seeing a Intelsat 1R flare, and he observed colour :)

From: Kevin Fetter (kfetter@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Jul 31 2008 - 02:15:05 UTC

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    A fellow sat observer, who lives near me, reported the following after I told him to go observe the Intelsat 1R ( 26608 ) geo sat.
    Wow! I had a look at Intelsat 1R last night, and what an amazing 
    brightness for a GEO! What amazes me is that its brightness was so constant! 
    After several minutes, it showed no signs of dimming! I also had a look at 
    it through the eyepiece and was easily able to see the golden colour!
    I like where he say's " was easily able to see the golden colour! " :)
    Why because the sntenna's in this picture
    Are covered in something gold colour, possible kapton. 
    So I was expecting some colour to be seen, if the antenna's where a possible cause to flares, and it has.  
    My video camera, is black and white, so I only see a black and white view.
    I have seen at least one flash from a geo sat, that had colour to it. Don't remember which one. 
    Only a theory, I had on a possible cause, ok.
    All I know, is this geo sat is oh so nice, to view :)
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