An unusal observation tonight - satellite?

From: Michael Boschat (
Date: Thu Jul 31 2008 - 03:30:19 UTC

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    Ok...I'm really puzzled at this observation:
    Date: July 30/31,2008
    Time: 0130-0230 UT
    Place: Balcony Halifax,Nova Scotia,Canada
    Instrument: naked-eye, and 7x50 binoculars
    RA of object: approx.  -5 30'd  (+/- 2d)
    Dec of object: approx. 20h 13m (+/- 10m)
    My Lat: N44d 39'
    My Long: W63d 36'
    The "star" was bluish in color slightly twinkling and I just felt after awhile 
    it was out of place. It was in a straight line between Theta Aquilae and 
    Alpha Capricornii. 
    It did not move as I looked though my 7x50's and I cannot believe it was a 
    satellite. the mag I estimated was close to 4th mag and now as I write this 
    at 0251 UT it is gone.
    Using ECU the nearest star to the area is a 6.4 mag. HR 7681 at RA: -4d 
    5' and Dec. 20h 06'. 
     Seeing was good and transparency was good.
    Any ideas as to what it may have been? Were there any extremely slow 
    moving satellite in that area at 4th mag? As I mentioned I saw no motion
    at all and this observation went from 0130 UT to 0230 UT
    Thanks in advance...
    Clear skies
    Mike Boschat
    RASC-Halifax Center
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