RE: somewhat OT: another Chinese ASAT?

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Date: Tue Jul 20 2010 - 00:07:28 UTC

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    Any significant debris generating event would be covered in Orbital Debris
    Quarterly News found here:
    but I find nothing like this mentioned.  The back issues are fascinating;
    see the January 2010 issue for interesting summary charts showing debris
    growth over the last 70 years.
    Debris from the deliberate destruction of Fengyun-1C will need 100 to 150
    years to re-enter.  In comparison, I understand that all debris from the
    deliberate destruction of NRO Launch 21 by the US on 2-18-08 re-entered
    within 1 year.  
    Chris Zietkiewicz
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    Claims of another ASAT by the Chinese in January this year. Not too reliable
    suggest. I would expect loads of debris to appear on Space-Track if this was
    - Marco
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