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Date: Wed Jul 03 2013 - 19:59:33 UTC

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    Hi Bill:
    Do you remember the amateur radio Astro Net?
    Back during the Apollo program, somebody at Bellcom(?) near Washington, D.C. would provide the R.A. and declination for the spacecraft for specific locations on Earth. The information was shared via amateur radio on 3885.0 KHz. Clarke Harris, an amateur radio operator and amateur astronomer who lived very close to me was one of the key participants.
    I remember searching for the command and service module for Apollo 15 and 16.
    Brian Webb, KD6NRP
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    >Subject: Apollo 13 Earth-based coordinates
    >As an addition to my collection of telescopic observations of Apollo  
    >missions en route to and from the Moon at
    >I recently received a before-and-after set of photographs of the  
    >Apollo 13 debris cloud from a 0.4m telescope at Mt. Kobau, British  
    >taken by Frank Younger. It would give nice double-checks on both image  
    >scale and (especially) orientation if I could identify the
    >stars in the background. Does anyone know a good way to work out the  
    >apparent position of Apollo 13 at the time of the explosion
    >(03:07:53 UT on 14 April 1970) from Mt. Kobau (119d 30m W, 49d 07m N)?  
    >The "before" shot would also have been an observation very
    >shortly after sunset so if I can ID the stars I can say something  
    >about their magnitudes and the sky brightness.
    >Bill Keel
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