Re: usa 186 observed = passed below Altair

Date: Sat Jul 06 2013 - 13:46:40 UTC

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    On 7/5/2013 21:55, Kevin Fetter wrote:
    > I had a pass of usa 186, with it predicted to pass above Altair. At the time
    > it passed, it passed below Altair, wrecking my view.
    i've run into similar things in the past... recently, while facing east, i noted 
    ISS passing above (higher than aka more west of) a bright star that was in front 
    of my east view... later, when i looked at several prediction programs with sky 
    views, they all showed ISS passing below (lower than aka more east of) that 
    bright star... yes, i set the programs so they were facing the same way i had 
    been at the time of the sighting... if i had to determine how far off the 
    difference was between reality and the prediction programs, i would have to say 
    1 to 3 finger widths at arms distance... if your fist at arms distance is 10 
    degrees, then we're looking at roughly 2 to 8 degrees difference (if i did my 
    math right and using only the four fingers with the thumb tucked in)...
    the question is how to remedy these types of problems?
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