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From: Alain Figer (
Date: Sun Jul 07 2013 - 07:40:39 UTC

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    Yes, some of the flashes are so bright and impressive that they may be described as flares.
    ALOS is indeed one of the best flashers in the sky, together with ENVISAT.
    At the moment ALOS main photometric period is about 36 seconds.
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    Sujet : ALOS flares extremely bright
    I'm sure this is old news to most of you experienced satellite observers -
    By accident on the Fourth of July (July 5, 2013 5:37:00 UTC) while watching
    a fireworks display, several NASA friends and I saw ALOS coming up out
    of Scorpius heading toward the zenith. It remained steady at about
    magnitude 1 for about 20 seconds, disappeared for 10 seconds,
    then FLARED to at least -10 magnitude for about 1 second. Then the
    satellite faded, almost to the limit of visibility
    (about +4 mag from our urban area). Then the cycle approximately repeated
    itself - got brighter for awhile, faded,
    then flared AGAIN to about -8 mag. This repeated another full cycle with
    another -8 flare as the satellite headed far to the north.
    For the record, coordinates were -- Newark, CA USA 37.554056,-122.03668
    Alt 6M PDT (UTC -7)
    I know this report is not particularly scientific, and I've never really
    reported PPAS format. However, if nothing else,
    this has been one of the most SPECTACULAR flaring satellites I have ever
    seen in my observing career - definitely worth
    a look on ANY scheduled pass!
    I will try to get a good video of the pass tonight. If successful, I will
    post a link to the video file. 
    Rick Baldridge
    Campbell, CA USA
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