Re: How does a Ham Operator track and "talk" to artificial staellites??

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Sun Jul 14 2013 - 21:20:23 UTC

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    Hi Derek
    Several decades ago I was very active in the amateur satellite 
    tracking/communication field. At that time one had to makes one's own 
    equipment - not like the situation today where one is nothing more than an 
    appliance operator.   I used to be very active on Oscar 6,7,8 and the first 
    Phase III satellite as well as the early Russian RS satellites etc - was great 
    fun but I got bored once it was no longer a challenge!   I founded S.A.AMSAT at 
    the time but am no longer active in amateur satellites, apart from maybe seeing 
    one accidentally.
    Greg ZS1BI 
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