Re: CB Obs July 14, 2013; Part 1: Kevin's July 6th unknown!

From: Mike McCants (
Date: Mon Jul 15 2013 - 00:22:41 UTC

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    C. Bassa posted:
    >I just saw Kevin's July 6th unknown!!!
    >Combined with Kevin's observations from July 6 and 13, this is the
    >best fit, giving rms residuals of 0.05 deg and fitting for a drag
    >term (which is even higher than Mike's).
    The BStar term is strongly influenced by the perigee height/eccentricity.
    Here is what I got using elcor:
    1 99208U 13594A   13195.91104957 0.00413589  00000-0  85922-2 0    06
    2 99208  20.2013 281.3153 5978618 158.1899 201.7913  4.16281030    04
    I do believe that this is the same object that Kevin spotted
    on March 30 and April 4.  The fact that that was 90 days ago and
    that the drag is very high makes it difficult to be certain.
    The drag is very high and likely to fluctuate and passes could easily
    be off 1 minute or more per day.
    Mike McCants
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