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Date: Wed Jul 17 2013 - 12:17:01 UTC

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    I've just released a new version of the bulk updater that is now able to 
    TLEs from Mike's site as well. With a single command is now possible to keep 
    up-to-date your local archive with all the available TLEs.
    Please remember that this program was initially designed  to minimize the 
    network traffic for Space-Track (it keeps the local archive synchronized 
    only the new TLEs).
    The new version is available at the same address:
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    >Morning all
    >I agree with your comments -- I use Simones program to download the file 
    >SPACETRACK ,  then create my observing elements file by using a BAT file 
    >(remember the good old DOS days?) to combine it with Mikes element sets 
    >Mikes software that updates and adds line 0 names, after which the BAT file 
    >a program I wrote to remove most of the obvious debrii and finally end up 
    >an element set of about 7000 elements which it then imports into the various 
    >programs I use -- I dont use any software that has a built-in downloader for 
    >elements as such - eg HEAVENSAT, GUIDE, STELLARIUM etc. It does all this in 
    >about a minute or two
    >Im sure Alex will produce an update for HEAVENSAT in due course.
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