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That You Tube video is *exactly* what I wish to see / hear.. !!! (in person)..

The snap crackle pop of a launch.. 



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I am fortunate to live within 200 miles of Vandenberg AFB, so have been able
to head down for many launches over the years.  It took me many trips to
find all the good off-base sites where the public can view launches.


As stated by others, the largest vehicle currently launching out of
Vandenberg is the Delta IV Heavy.  It launches off SLC-6 (where the Shuttle
was originally planned to lift off).  There is no off-base location where
you can see the rocket on the pad before launch.  The SURF AMTRAK location
was open once for a Delta IV Heavy launch, but apparently that spot
seasonally closes due to nesting of an endangered bird species (Snowy
Plover).  The best site to watch a Delta-IV launch is really is up near


Videos I took of the Delta-IV, along with still photos and viewing site
information with coordinates can be seen at:



The current Falcon 9 launches off SLC-4E.  You can get very close to the pad
on Renwick Ave. off of Ocean, but you cannot see the rocket on the pad.
Several seconds after liftoff, it is quite visible.  It CAN be seen while on
the pad from the top of Harris Grade Road, but that location is over 11
miles from the pad.  Still photos, video and observing site coordinates
again at:


Atlas-V launches off of SLC-3E are quite accessible - viewing from as close
as 2.4 miles away.  The top of the rocket can be seen on the pad.  Details


Delta-II launches off SLC-2W are very easy for the public to see about 5
miles from the pad.    


While no longer launched, a video I took of the last-ever Titan-IV, which
can be seen at:   That was an amazing rocket!






Rick Baldridge

Campbell, CA.


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