(OT) 2014 IOTA Meeting

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The Annual Meeting page is at: 

Below are the details you will need if you plan on "attending" the meeting via a computer connection. To keep bandwidth use to a
minimum, only a few people will be allowed to use webcams and microphones. These people include presenters and meeting organizers.
Therefore, you will probably not have to worry about access to either. There is a Chat area for questions and comments.  Here are
the details:

If you plan to attend the meeting via the webcast it would be a good idea to test your current computer system to be sure all is
working as it should. A headset with boom microphone is highly recommended, but the microphone is not so important if you don’t plan
to speak; we will monitor the online chat.
Click on this link to get started.  http://login.meetcheap.com/conference,oltiota

No pass word is required.  Just enter your name and connect.
You may also have to set Flash permissions.

There a number of instructional videos for using this system available on the Internet.  A good starting point
is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nhf8-Vnj5PI
For Moderators, your moderator access link will automatically enter your assigned user name and password. Wait for the system to
self-install and then select Allow to begin.  The first time it loads it may take a few minutes.  Be patient.  Subsequent
loads/starts should be quicker.
For all others, who visit the open room, they will only have to enter a name.  No password is needed.
The conference is open and available anytime a moderator opens the room.
Here is a more comprehensive YouTube video of the conference tool.
And, again, here is a more comprehensive demonstration.
Just ignore the sales pitch.

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