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From: Young, Brad via Seesat-l <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2014 21:08:36 +0000
Despite "supermoon", observed late this weekend since I had to stay up to pick up son from Tokyo in Tulsa festival. Assembled and tested new observing stool, which was a total loss. This one did not break out from under me like the last two, but was appropriated by my wife to use at her easel. I do not know why 40061 was missed, but all the other objects seen from that launch this night and previously were EOV (edge of vision) objects in 20x80s.

FPAS12,40059,R8336D,20140712,081223,1s,-,36.1,-95.9,201,SUBP,-,k,43s,6,k,G1CkNNN,N,-,-,-,-,-,-,to ShI;
FPAS12,23862,R8336E,20140712,082205,1s,-,36.1,-95.9,201,FUBP,-,k,1s,4,inv,G1CkNNT,N,-,-,-,057.0 1.0 004 19.000 F,-,-,-;

Brad Young

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