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Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 14:21:55 -0400
Allen Thomson wrote:

> Just a quick opinion, but I'd expect these three satellites to be checked out and exercised
> initially near known, convenient, safe GEO satellites before moving on to targets of actual
> interest. That probably would mean that they'll rendezvous with or at least fly by US
> government satellites in view of ground stations in the continental US, perhaps meaning
> Colorado.

I have been thinking along similar lines, which leads me to suspect that first apogee might occur in the western
hemisphere. That would require an ascending node burn to GTO, and would result in arrival at GEO about ~7 h after
launch, in the vicinity of 100 W. Given the planned launch time, the fuel dump of the Delta second stage might be
observable from N. America. 

It may not be worth staying up well past midnight based on such pure speculation. I have not been following the launch
closely, so am not aware of any better information or speculation that may be circulating.

I do not have time now, but may post approximate elements closer to the time of launch. If anyone would like to beat me
to it, that would be great!

Ted Molczan

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