Re: 2015-032 recent launch : 4 objects photographed on 10 July 2015 at 22h55m UTC

From: Leo Barhorst via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 2015 12:30:30 +0200
Hello Alain,

The 3 close together object are the 3 DMC3 satellites (DMC3-1 to
DMC3-3); the 4th object is probably the PSLV 4th stage.
The other 2 satellites are much smaller. One is a cube with a side of
80 cm; the other is DeorbitSail, a 3U cubesat. But it
will deploy a solar sail of 5x5 m, that is later used to deorbit the sat.

Had to work last night, but there were also clouds.
Hope for better skies this evening.


2015-07-11 12:19 GMT+02:00 Alain Figer via Seesat-l <>:
> Last night , on 10 July 2015, I planned to have a look at the newly launched 2015-032B according to Calsky ephemeris.
> Using 50x10 binoculars , I detected in fact a succession of 3 more or less bright objects, passing at a few degrees from each other, just beyond naked eye visibility apart from a few bright flashes.
> At the same time I managed to photograph these newly launched 2015-032 objects, successively in UMI, CRB and SER. I got more than 15 photos of 4-sec duration, ISO 5000 , Canon EOS 6D + 200mm at f/2.8,  in a span of 2 minutes at 22h54m-56m UTC. From the photographs it is clear there are 4 objects. The first one is brightly flashing. I may nevertheless have missed it visually because it is followed by a stunning group of 3 satellites, very close from each other and variable in brightness. The last one, being strongly variable, flared superbly in CrB.
> At the moment I have no time to analyse in detail these very interesting data. I will do it later.
> Alain Figer
> 48.67 N ; 2.13 E ; 170 m a.s.l.
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