DMSP flash and Cosmos rocket #14484 imaged 6h before decay.

From: Björn Gimle via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2015 20:54:39 +0200
Images available on (short for named
P12003*.jpg under the first heading (news, or whatever in your google
language), and also under mine (Björn Gimle)

It seems to me there were an exceptional amount of rocket decays in (May-)
June-July this year.
However, most of these were impossible/difficult because of bad weather
this summer, short/non-existing nights as usual, orbit track passing in
daylight, or at a lower inclination.

But I had good weather and several high passes of the the two 60.8
inclination rockets June 29, and tried to photograph and observe #22020,
but couldn't detect it! It actually decayed some ten minutes after the pass
on the orbit after my two good passes !

I had better luck with #14484, capturing it in three images of Big Dipper,
and the image a few seconds before these three caught a bright flash from
DMSP 5D-2 F7 #14506U 83-113A.

Björn Gimle, COSPAR 5919
59.2617 N, 18.6169 E, 51 m
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 *Monday 29 June 2015* Time (24-hour clock)Object (Link)Event
3h16mCosmos 2196 r Cat:22020 1992-040D
*latitude interval: +/-60.8 deg*

 *Monday 29 June 2015* Time (24-hour clock)Object (Link)Event
8h07mCosmos 606 r Cat:6939 1973-084D
latitude interval: +/-60.9 deg*
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