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From: Brad Young via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2017 18:01:11 +0000 (UTC)
Last night at Tulsa 2 only did deep sky except to look for Mayak – a no show naked eye.

Thursday night was interesting. Finally looked for the new Iridium satellites and was perplexed - missing quite a few of them. However I was able to see the ones listed below even though they were quite a bit lower than others that were missed. The reason became more clear on later passes at a better phase angle; I noticed that they were very dim comparatively. I wonder if some of them have attained the correct orbit and have exposed a mirror or panel? Does anyone remember this behavior from the first launches? I guess time will tell. Also missed three of the SAR-Lupe satellites, so I supposed those have been raised.
FPAS12,23605,R8336A,20170721,025847,0.5s,-,36.1,-95.9,220,FUUG,FNw,k,3s,1,inv,D1CCNNT,N,-,-,-,176.0 1.0 005 44.000 A'F,-,-,3 F seen no period on them;FPAS12,42770,R8336B,20170721,031802,1s,-,36.1,-95.9,220,SUBG,-,k,34s,7,k,D1CkNNN,N,-,-,-,-,-,-;FPAS12,42800,R8336C,20170721,035341,1s,-,36.1,-95.9,220,FUBG,-,k,4s,5,inv,D1CkNNT,N,-,-,-,045.0 1.0 009 05.625 A,-,-,on minima;FPAS12,41946,R8336D,20170721,040249,0.5s,-,36.1,-95.9,220,FUBG,WEn,k,0.4s,7,inv,D1CkNNT,N,-,-,-,092.4 0.5 101 00.924 F,-,-,on minima;FPAS12,42806,R8336E,20170721,042251,1s,-,36.1,-95.9,220,SUBG,-,k,14s,7,k,D1CkNNN,N,-,-,-,-,-,-,bright though low;FPAS12,42810,R8336F,20170721,042947,1s,-,36.1,-95.9,220,SUBG,-,k,10s,7,k,D1CkNNN,N,-,-,-,-,-,-,bright though low;FPAS12,42804,R8336G,20170721,043824,1s,-,36.1,-95.9,220,SUBG,-,k,45s,6,k,D1CkNNN,N,-,-,-,-,-,-,not as bright as lower ones;FPAS12,42809,R8336H,20170721,044723,1s,-,36.1,-95.9,220,SUBG,-,k,33s,7,k,D1CkNNN,N,-,-,-,-,-,-,not as bright as lower ones;
Brad Young Visual:Bright:20 x 80 Celestron binoculars Dim:22" f/4.2 UC ObsessionCOSPAR 8336 =TULSA1 +36.139208,-95.983429 660ft, 201mCOSPAR 8335 =TULSA2 +35.8311  -96.1411 1083ft, 330mRemote Imaging:7779 32.92 -105.528 7000 Mayhill, New Mexico USA7778 -31.2733 149.0644 3400 Siding Spring, NSW, Australia7777 3
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