New Member - Ian Porter
Sun, 2 Jun 1996 12:46:49 +1000

Let me introduce myself - My name is Ian Porter and I am a High 
School teacher in a small Australian town called Tumbarumba 
(148'00.85''W 35'46.81''S 670m elv).

Having gained access to the Net about 4 Months ago I gravitated 
naturally to the space science sites and stumbling across Dave Ransoms 
page, downloaded STSPLUS.
BINGO ! .New hobby ! Thankfully a cheap one !

Over the week 13-20 May we had clear skies and some tremendous views 
of MIR and STS-77. I put predictions of the pass times on the school 
noticeboard and in the school newsletter and apparently a large 
proportion of the town was watching ! While observing an STS-77 pass 
on 21 May I heard several people around the town yell out "There it 
is !" as the shuttle appeared !

The kids now call me "Rocket Man".

I have tried three prediction programs and am not completly satisfied 
with them. I like STSPLUS'S graphics and its prediction format but 
the fact that you can only predict in 48 hour intervals for one 
object is frustrating.
I like TRACKSAT's speed and ability to predict passes for multiple 
objects, but I hate having to exit the program to read the files.
I like SATSPY's interface and its viewing oportunitys chart but the 
starchart is small and hard to read and the groundtrack graphics not 
a patch on STSPLUS.
Can anyone tell me what Paul Kauflers WINTRACK is like ?

Ian Porter