re: XTE second stage

Philip Chien (
Sun, 2 Jun 1996 23:27:43 -0400

John C. Broman, Jr.
Orbital Launch Services Project Office
Goddard Space Flight Center, Code 470 asks:

>Does anyone know if the Delta second stage from last December's XTE launch
>is still in orbit, and if not, when it reenteretd?  If still in orbit, when
>decay is expected?  Thanks!

Umm John,

Given that the rocket was launched by your employer - and in fact your very
office was responsible for the launch vehicle's procurement, shouldn't you
be able to find out that information at work?

And if you are asking this question on behalf of your employer, or at least
using your employer's E-mail account for that query - why are you asking us
to do your job?

Just curious ...

In any case, the Goddard Spaceflight Center (you may have heard of them)
has a WWW site for the OIG notices which includes the information you're
searching for.

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