Re: STS-77 Reentry Observed (!)

Jim Varney (
Sun, 2 Jun 1996 23:38:57 -0700

Phil Chien wrote:
>>You're not alone "being in the wrong place."  After STS-78 so will I.
>>There are no more 39 degree missions planned after July's STS-78, so my
>>luck will run out... and STS-78 will be inferior to -77, as that reentry
>>will be in twilight here.

>Actually there _will_ be more 39 degree missions.

NASA's future STS mission page at

shows no 39 deg missions from STS-79 on out to STS-113 in May, 2001.

>So as Space Station slips to the right (what'da mean you don't think it's
>going to slip?) additional spacelab flights will be added, and many will
>use 39 degree orbits.

STS-88 in Dec. 1997 is the first ISS flight, and from what you're saying,
additional missions will be inserted to fill in the hole created by the
slip of the ISS project schedule.  If you can divulge, got any idea
how far behind the ISS sked is?

>I'd bet money that the STS-83 Microgravity Science Laboratory mission will
>become a 39 degree mission for the above reasons.

Yippee! That isn't just for me: from what I see on, 
it appears that Joe Public in the Bay Area is starting to take an interest
in reentry observing...

 -- Jim

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