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robin lehmann (101516.1065@CompuServe.COM)
03 Jun 96 04:38:28 EDT

Hello guys,

my name is Robin and I'm from Stuttgart, Germany [48.8N 09.25E 300m]. Since a
few months I'm interested in visual satellites observation. At the first time
I've read in the
astronomy forum of CompuServe about this. It sounded quite interesting to me and
I searched in the internet for more details. So I found to the VSO Homepage, got
prediction software and had a new hobby.
I work under DOS with TrakSat V3.1 and under Linux with SatTrack. I've written a
program which reads TrakSat's "Tabular Output" files and draws the satellite's
track on
a skymap (the "Star Background" option is not very useful). 


Robin Lehmann
Stuttgart, Germany