Seasat and Cosmos 2058 close encounter - OFEQ-3 Info
Mon, 3 Jun 1996 22:07:53 +1000

Observed on 2 Jun  07:56:40UTC

While watching Seasat make a S-N pass at 17:56 LCL I was thrilled to 
see another Sat appear in my binoculars and apparently have a direct 
head on collision !

After finishing a few more observations I identified the other Sat as 
Cosmos 2058. STSPLUS tells me the separation at closest approach was 
138 Km of vertical separation only ! Horizontal separation was about 
1-2 kms ! Not an ASAT kill but a spectacular sight !

With the Israeli elections dominating the international news here in 
OZ, I feel the urge to look at Israeli Sat's, can anyone tell me if 
OFEQ-3 is an observable object ? Its making some passes here in about 
10 days according to TRACKSAT
Ian Porter
Tumbarumba NSW Australia
35'46.81S 148'00.85E

K'ah P'lah and Keep your B'hat L'heph handy