Unknown Flasher - Can anyone identify?

Mon, 3 Jun 1996 06:37:48 -0500

Was waiting for a satellite last night and a nice flasher came in 
the field ov view a few minutes early.  It has a multiple (two or
more) quick flashes and was reasonably bright (mag 6?).  Made a 
note of the approximate time and position to check later.

Used Rob Matson's SKYMAP and ran a normal search using a 
recent TL.TXT, 320.N2L, and EL960519.  To my surprise, nothing
came up.  It was bright enough that I should have elements for it.

Time was 5:14 UT, RA 13.75,  Dec +17.19 (2000).   This is near
three bright stars a few degrees SW of Arcturus.

I am at long 104.5614 W, Lat 38.9478 N, 2073 M   (UT-6).

It was moving northerly but I did not watch long enough to say
anything more than polar inclination (+/- 20 degrees or so).

Can anyone provide an identity for this nice object?

Ron Lee