re: XTE second stage

John C. Broman, Jr. (
Mon, 3 Jun 1996 09:01:40 -0400

At 11:27 PM 6/2/96 -0400, Philip Chien writes:

>Given that the rocket was launched by your employer - and in fact your very
>office was responsible for the launch vehicle's procurement, shouldn't you
>be able to find out that information at work?
No....our job ends at spacecraft sep.  No one here deals with rocket body

>And if you are asking this question on behalf of your employer, or at least
>using your employer's E-mail account for that query - why are you asking us
>to do your job?
I am not asking anyone to to my job.  Tracking spent stages is not (or never
has been) NASA/OLS's job.

I asked this simple question to the usually friendly folks on SeeSat,
feeling confident that the more experianced folks out there would help a
real beginner like me.  And I thank you who have been kind enough to simply
answer the question.


John C. Broman, Jr.
John C. Broman, Jr.
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