1996-029A/C obs

Tue, 4 Jun 1996 18:51:35 +1000

Observed 04 Jun 08:48UTC

I observed 96-29A about 5 deg below Atria, said "great" and waited 
for 96-29C. About 5 sec later I see a much brighter object on the 
same track and am able to follow both in my 7X50 Binos. "Wow!", I say 
as they chase each other across the sky. Then the bright object 
starts to diverge ! "Thats not right" Looking back along the track I 
pick up 96-29C.
The "Red-Herring" was an SL-16 Rocket booster (NORAD 23088) that I had 
rejected as a viewing object because its pass time was too close to 
the Navy Sats and I had not bothered to check its star track !

As an aside, can anyone give me some tips on equipment and techniques 
for making useful position/time measurments ?
Ian Porter
Tumbarumba NSW Australia
35'46.81S 148'00.85E

K'ah P'lah and Keep your B'hat L'heph handy