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Lew Gramer (
Wed, 05 Jun 96 14:03:26 -0400

Hi, I'm an amateur *meteor* observer living in the vicinity of Boston, MA, USA 
(42.2N, 71.1W), totally new to satellite observation reporting. I'm interested 
in learning more about observing techniques for artificial satellites, and the 
scientific and other uses for these observations. I do a consistent program of 
visual meteor observing at my local dark-sky site, and during the course of a 
night, I regularly notice several artificial satellites. They often help me 
avoid the boredom and "tunnel vision" which can set in on sparse meteor nights!

Up until now, however, I never considered that my (casual) observations could be 
of any use to anyone. But as someone who makes speed and magnitude estimates of 
moving celestial objects (meteors) almost every night, I hope I can  contribute 
to satellite observing as well! Looking forward to hearing from all of you,

					Lew Gramer
					Member NAMN, NSAAC