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jean monseur (
Thu, 6 Jun 1996 00:15:58 +0100


As I subscribed for the first time here are a few indications about
me. Observing satellites became a part of my interest in astronomy
when I was introduced by Alphonse Pouplier and went to Eurosom I in
The Normandy sky is often cloudy and not favourable to sky watchers.
I have no organized plan to observe but I could participate on a precise
request.  For the moment I am just trying to catch answers to faq
about the observation techniques, mainly the use of camescopes and
to understand how counting flashes  could be worthy for  science , 
not only for fun and entertainment. Many thanks.

Salut a tous.
Dr.J.Monseur, 15 rue Lanfranc F 14000 CAEN
Telephone /33/31855519