MIR debris observed

Leo Barhorst (leobarhorst@pi.net)
Fri, 7 Jun 96 02:22:10 PDT

On June 6 while waiting to observe an other satellite I saw MIR rising 
in the west and took a quick glance at it.
I didn't believe what I saw: 4 and perhaps 5 faint objects moved just in 
front of MIR in the sane orbit.

It looked like;   *    * *  *    0

Moving from west to east (right to left)
I made a timing when this train passed a star.
Object	1	0.00 sec	S, mag 7
	2	2.00		AA, mag 6->inv, P = approx 2 sec
	3	2.37		S, mag 7
	4	3.59		S, mag 6
MIR	approx	6.00 sec	S, mag 1

In front of object 1  I probably saw another faint object, S, mag 7-8; but
I'm not 100% sure.

This evening I heard on the radio that the two cosmonauts were performing
a spacewalk in which they filmed the PEPSI tin in orbit. I don't know the
size of it but it is possible I've seen it.
It was quite a sight to see all of it in the field of view of my 7x35 bino-

Name: Leo Barhorst    Alkmaar (Neth) 
52 deg 38 min N      4 deg  47 min E     2 m ASL
E-mail: leobarhorst@pi.net   also a member of Seesat-L