Awesome viewing again

Myrton T. Smith II (
Fri, 07 Jun 1996 07:18:32 +0000

Well, another nice viewing of the passing of the Mir space station
	as it swept across the evening sky near Boston, Massachusetts.

	Using the ever popular and so reliable satellite tracking program
	from David Ransom Jr., STSPlus v96.15, I had just completed another
	session of the Heavy Hitters Amsat Satellite Net on the 14.640
	Waltham, Massachusetts amateur radio repeater and stepped out to
	have ice coffee with another ARO, Andy (N1OSG) when Dick (KA1TUZ)
	arrived from a meeting. 

	Three of us standing in front of my humble abode and waiting for
	the approach of Mir at 02:01utc, bearing 226.8. Sure enough at
	about 02:07utc right out of the high thin overcast and glowing a
	little yellow white in the southwest sky.

	Three of us tuned to 145.550 Mcs and I was calling an hoping to
	hear the voice of Dr. Shannon Lucid. At the same time and from about
	25 mi north of my location I could hear Lil (N1UZN) from Lawrence,
	Massachusetts calling for R0MIR.

	We listened and called and, well we at least managed to watch as
	this beautiful sight passed over and off into the shadow of the
	Earth into the northeastern sky....

	I will keep tracking and listening and calling until I manage to
	have at least one contact with Shannon. I have heard her direct and
	have listened to some nice recordings from Arthur (N1ORC) of Shannon
	talking with Her family via the 145.550 frequency.

	What a sight! If you haven't done it, do it. If you have done it,
	then do it again, and take someone along!   

	Cheerio for now and may clear viewing be with you always.

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