96-029C Observation...now 2 objects?

Bill Krosney (bkrosney@MBnet.MB.CA)
Sat, 8 Jun 1996 00:53:33 -0500 (CDT)

Had a favourable pass of 96-029A and 96-029C about 1 hour ago.  Based on 
Ted Molczan's 322.n2l elements for both objects.

96-029A (#23862), seemed a little early (maybe a minute?).  Not sure as I
wasn't set up yet to time it and was just settling back into the lawn chair.

However, 96-029C was pretty well bang on time.  There were two objects,
same track, separated by about 5 to 5 1/2 degrees.  I scanned for a nearby
third object but saw nothing.

Has the second object of the possible triad been deployed?  Can anyone
confirm my observation?  I don't have a pass that I can catch until Sunday
night (48 hrs. away).   :(

Clear skies....Bill

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