Re: Second egg?

Jim Varney (
Sat, 8 Jun 1996 23:21:33 -0700

Rainer Kracht asked
>29A is closing in to lay a second egg?

I observed the NOSS duo again tonight at 0541 UT.  29A was flashing wildly
and very irregularly.   In the southwest between Virgo and Bootes 29A's
frequent glints were easily seen by the naked eye, glinting to mag 1 or 2.
In binoculars the flashes were so rapid and irregular I could not time them.  
It looked like a flourescent lamp that's about to burn out!

I have to wonder if NOSS 2-3 A is either in the middle of deployment (the
"second egg") or if this satellite is in trouble and has lost attitude control.

Stay tuned... 

 -- Jim

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