NOSS duo
Sun, 9 Jun 1996 06:32:02 -0500

As Bill writes:

BK>My observation from last night alluding to three objects was in error.  The
BK>object preceding the pair by a couple of minutes was probably an unrelated
BK>object as pointed out by Mike McCants (thanks Mike).  It was not evident
BK>in tonight's observation even though I looked specifically for it.

BK>The objects did appear slightly closer tonight than last night.  I read
BK>Rainer's post after my observation and indeed they do seem to be closing
BK>in.  (my unawareness of this led me to hastily guess that I had seen three
BK>objects last night!)


About 3 jun I saw another nice flasher about two minutes before these
objects.   Is it possible there is another unknown satellite in a
orbit or just a coincidence.