96-29 has 3 components

spaceman (spaceman@tiac.net)
Mon, 10 Jun 1996 11:14:45 -0400

Hello Everyone!

For those of you interested in the plane of rotation and period of rotation
of rocket bodies, I invite you to point your browser to:


We have uploaded our first attempt at a 900km (appx) zenit, Cosmos
2278/#23088/94023 B. 
The frames are not composited, they are single, noisy frames we just "shot"
for fun.  Indications are that there may be some subtle shadings on the
rocket booster... will composite some good frames this week for processing
(to improve the S/N ratio).  

At first I was disappointed by the small size of the zenit... but then I
remembered that it was only 10m long,  almost 1000km away!  Note the last
two frames in the sequence... our video techniques seem to work fairly well,
and allow us to get quite high resolution, even though the object is only
about 2.4 arc seconds long by 0.8 arc seconds wide.  We will be doing more
imaging of boosters over the next 6 weeks, and will put out a "library" of
images of all the Zenits, and other objects anyone is interested in.  We can
also record time accurately for each frame as well as orientation (south is
up in our pix).  

Will also be uploading some hi-resolution Mir pix we just took- standby...
in the meantime, you can learn more about our tracking system and see a
STS-74/Mir shot in the August Sky and Telescope.

See yah,

Ron Dantowitz
Marek Kozubal

PS Does anyone have info on Cos 185 r?  Looked HUGE in the scope visually,
but no Molczan # on it in Ted's files.  It's on our list of targets as well.

PPS Tried to image KH 11-8, but it was not "there" according to the latest
elsets we have.  How accurate are the current sets?  Unfortunately, will not
be releasing any spysat pix, however.  All you Secret Agents out there do
not have to worry about us.

Unfortunately, Lacrosse was pointed at the Earth during it's 6/8/96 pass
over us, and we were looking down the "barrel" of it.  Maybe it was looking
down the barrel of OUR scope! (errr... if it IS a telescope at all).