Re: Mir Marathon - SIX visible passes in one night!

David Bishop (
Tue, 11 Jun 96 10:57:17 EDT

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> >However, I wonder if Mir can be seen in daylight with binoculars or a
> >telescope? Has anybody tried?  How about Saturn and Jupiter?  If they're
> >visible in daylight, I think that Mir would be too, given a decent phase
> >angle.  ......
> >Dave Mullenix, N9LTD

I know we are getting a little off topic here, but I have done this.
I was out helping somebody setup their SCT telescope, and it was about
4 am when we decided to "take a short nap".  At about 6 (in glaring daylight)
we discovered that Saturn was still being tracked, and you could still
clearly make out the rings, though it looked like you had wicked light
pollution problems.  After looking at this for a while, a satellite
passed through the field of view.

Basically, if you can put up with the sky glow, and know where to look,
it is possible.  Just be VERY careful not to "star hop" into the SUN.

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