More on Watches

Jim Varney (
Wed, 12 Jun 1996 21:33:16 -0700

>2. Somebody mentioned stop watches with multiple stored
>   memories. Pleas send me some detailslike brand names and costs.
>. I could certainly use such a   mechanism chasing NOSSes.
>TonY Beresford

I recently purchased a Timex Ironman Triathlon (Model 85181) wrist
watch.  It has 50 memories, each to 0.01s.  What I like about this 
watch is that the start/stop and lap buttons are oversized and are
on the face of the watch, instead of the usual tiny buttons on the
side.  Runs about $32.

When making timings I wrap the band of the watch around the right
barrel of my binoculars.  This way I can comfortably hold the binocs
with both hands with one finger on the lap button of the watch.
Works pretty well for me.

 -- Jim

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