Re: Stopwatch

Kurt Jonckheere (
Thu, 13 Jun 1996 08:32:17 +0200

At 15:28 12-06-96 -0500, Mike wrote:
>I bought a Robic model SC-800 stopwatch over 5 years ago.
>It has 50 memory positions and 1/100 second accuracy.

The stopwatch I'm using is a Cresta = Condor = ... with
100 lap times and 1/100 second accuracy.

It is indeed very useful to avoid miscounting or to make it possible
to observe strange flash-behaviour : synodic anomalies, secundary
maxima, Determination of Rotation Axis, asymmetric periods, and so on...

Mine has 3 buttons and is very easy to hold in one hand even if you
have a binocular in your hands too.
You can start and stop your observation with the right button and using 
the middle one to time your lap times.  All these lap times remain in 

To clear the memory you always need to push at least two buttons (or 
two times the same button), this is very useful to avoid a pushing at the
wrong button and lost all your data...

>It cost about $50 + S&H a couple of years ago.  I have a two? year old
>catalog from RaceQuip, 378 Dublin Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43215.
>Toll free order phone (800) 678-7223.  FAX (614) 224-8413.
>There are other models of Robic stopwatches in this catalog.
>In my opinion, only the model SC-800 is suitable for satellite timing

I find this one very usefull and promoted it to Leo, Bram and Tristan.

Here in Belgium it costs about 20 $ !!  Very cheap I guess.

Happy observing,

Kurt J