Re: Stopwatch

Lew Gramer (
Thu, 13 Jun 96 16:07:07 -0400

All the discussion about stopwatches with memory for flash timing leads me to a 
question. I'll be attempting my first satellite observations during some meteor 
sessions this weekend. The literature at the BWGS site on the Net implies that 
just recording flashes verbally, with a WWV time signal going in the background, 
is sufficient for measurement purposes. From this taperecorded record, all info 
about flash characteristics can be determined. Does anybody do it this way? Any 
tips, techniques, or "gotchas" I should know about?

Using the recorder, I'd assume star near-passes can also be recorded verbally, 
for position and angular speed determinations? Any thoughts appreciated on the 
above! (Reply to my email address if this isn't appropriate for the list...)

Lew Gramer
Medford, MA, USA
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