MIR and debris

Kurt Jonckheere (kjonckheere@unicall.be)
Fri, 14 Jun 1996 01:18:34 +0200

Finally I was able to see MIR and its debris and indeed it is very
fascinating !

Unfortenately I was observing from the small window of my new appartement
in the light-polluted city of Antwerp, so I only could observe the debris
that was very near to MIR (within two views of my 7 x 35).

I timed 3 debris objects (not so accurate because of bad conditions):
23 h 01 UT (June 13)

MIR - 20 s : nicely flashing with period of 2.2 s
MIR -  3 s : Steady
MIR        : Steady
MIR +  3 s : Steady

Tomorrow is weekend, meaning more time to look for better observing conditions.

How many of these objects have been cataloged already ?  

Happy observing!

Kurt Jonckheere