Mir still shedding debris?

Bram Dorreman (a183231@nlevdpsb.snads.philips.nl)
Fri, 14 Jun 1996 06:50:44 GMT

Yesterday June 13th between 22:40 and 23:02 UT I saw Mir and its
debris. I counted 30 fragements of which 9 could be seen simultaneously
in my 7 x 50 bonoculars: 6 in front of Mir and 3 behind. That lets me
think that Mir is still shedding debris.
After that long lasting transit of about 20 minutes I had to go to
bed. I hope to process the interval times between the objects during
weekend that starts to night.
Last transit, as mentioned above I was able to also record the
magnitudes and appearances by using an old cassette deck.
Must be strange to late walkers: hear somebody speaking jargon
but not seeing him.
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