Mir and debris

Myrton T. Smith II (mts@usa1.com)
Fri, 14 Jun 1996 17:52:13 +0000

I don't claim to be an expert in this matter, but I have
	had the good fortune of observing the Mir Space Station 
	many times from my location. 

	I have invited friends and other amateur radio operators
	to take part in these observations, both visual and radio
	contact from my home here near Boston, Ma.

	Using 10x50 and 7x35 binoculars I have been able to see several
	objects near the Mir Space Station, although I can not identify
	any of these objects it is still an awesome sight.

	Each visual observation is quite different. The colors are most
	often white/blue and sometimes a yellow/white as it makes its
	pass over the area. No radio contact for me yet as these folks
	are usually sleeping during the evening passes as I am on eastern
	daylight savings time and their schedule is for Moscow local.

	Another friend who lives twenty miles or so north from me has
	been lucky enough to record several contacts between the Mir
	complex and family or friends here in the U.S. and re-transmitted
	some of these messages for others to hear.

	Another friend Mike (N1XBS) recently licensed amateur radio
	operator has been using his telescope and camera to try to make
	photographs and if he is successful I will try to post them
	someplace for all to enjoy.

	In the meantime, may the clear night skies be with you!

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