RE: Decayed objects

Jeff Hunt (
Fri, 14 Jun 96 16:26:43 PDT

Hello Rob,

You can find the status of known sats at OIG's (S)at Sit directory via 
logon: oig
pw:    goddard1

The following have decayed:
23073 5/12/96
23664 9/2/95

No elements given for 19461 (Titan 2 R/B)

23786 is the Delta 2 R/B for the NEAR space craft and is in heliocentric 
orbit.  I use to be able to find the heliocentric elements for NEAR at:

The remainder are listed in earth orbit.

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Greetings all,

Can someone help me with the status of the following objects?  I may have
missed a decay report or two, and would like to know if any of these objects
are still up there.  Here are the Norad #'s:

7382, 8547, 11079, 19461, 21794, 22110, 22986, 23073, 23664, 23674 and 23786.

Thanx in advance!  --Rob

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