RE: Special Binoculars

Tobias, Lynn (
14 Jun 1996 14:37:43 -0800

Rob- we think along the same lines.  I suggested a very similar concept to Stu
Huston about a month ago, including GPS, but I'm not familiar with fluxgate
compasses and wasn't sure what to do for elevation.  Perhaps an array of GPS
antennae and a bit of software could determine binocular orientation by
calculating the angle-of-arrival from various GPS signals!?  I was considering
a mechanical support / linkage with az-el encoders for a lower budget solution.
 And then adding a data link to the computer or laptop.  Maybe a celluar modem.
 And of course a heads-up display (or perhaps a digitized audio) of predicted
positions in real time from SkyMap or Orbitrack.
The next step would be a remotely operated CCD/photometric telescope and a
comfortable chair at the workstation in the den.  Away from the mosquitos.  And
the remote sensor on a local peak above the smog.
As to the market . . . if each of the SeeSat, BWGS, PPAS, etc. observers were
to send me a US$10K deposit, I'd get started right away!  And of course, there
may be a military market as well.
Planting the observer's feet back on terra firma: some of these concepts may be
implemented relatively inexpensively by homebuilders and an exchange of ideas
and hardware suggestions would be beneficial.
From: Rob Matson on Fri, Jun 14, 1996 12:20
Subject: Special Binoculars ...
An internal LED display could display the approximate azimuth (using a fluxgate
compass), elevation, date and time, and ... a GPS unit built into the thing...
 Of course, the problem is that there wouldn't be much of a market...  --Rob