Re: Special Binoculars

Lew Gramer (
Mon, 17 Jun 96 12:57:53 -0400

I'm far from being an expert on either satellite observation or global
positioning, but I can tell you that a simple calibration with two (or
more) known celestial objects, along with an accurate interval timer,
is all that's required to convert altaz into R.A. and declination. This
is a common technique used for putting what are called "digital setting
circles" on telescopes with altazimuth mounts, to read off RA & dec.

As for fancy satellite observing doohickeys, how about a bino mount with
really fast clock drives, programmable to follow the predicted sky track
of any satellite with known elements? Would be necessary to somehow cali-
brate it by hand at the time of sighting, too. Just some musings... :)

Lew Gramer