Re: MIR and debris

Kurt Jonckheere (
Mon, 17 Jun 1996 21:11:16 +0200

Thursday(13 June) evening I wrote:

>Finally I was able to see MIR and its debris and indeed it is very
>fascinating !
>I timed 3 debris objects (not so accurate because of bad conditions):
>23 h 01 UT (June 13)
>MIR - 20 s : nicely flashing with period of 2.2 s
>MIR -  3 s : Steady
>MIR        : Steady
>MIR +  3 s : Steady

Last weekend together with our local observing group "Quasar" I was able
to spot MIR and some debris again, although the debris was spread over
the orbit much more that Thursday.

I seems that Thursday evening, I saw some new debris very near MIR because
there was an EVA :

according to the latest Jonathan's Space Report:
>environment on the outer surface of the station. EVA-6 took place on Jun
>13, and involved the filming of the second part of a commercial for
>Pepsi-Cola. It lasted 5 hr 42 min.

but Mir Status Report (14 June) from Usenet says :
>Thursday night(13 June), Onufrienko and Usachev performed the sixth in a series of
>spacewalks to install a variety of experiments and experiment platforms on the
>exterior of the station.  In the five-hour extravehicular activity Thursday, the
>cosmonauts installed a truss structure called Rapana to the Kvant-1 module.
>Rapana takes the place of a similar structure named Strela as a mounting point
>for future experiments.

This all looks a bit contradictionary...  Furthermore I (as also mentioned by
others on this list) saw a picture of the Pepsi-Cola in a local newspaper a 
week ago.  
Which of the above quotations is correct?  Or are both true and did I indeed
saw the Pepsi-tube?

Happy Observing,

Kurt Jonckheere

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