Re: some debris timings

Tristan Cools (
Tue, 18 Jun 1996 09:24:23 +0200 (MET DST)

I tried to identify some of the Mir fragments I saw on June 15.  Passage
time was close to 18 Boo.
I also think there are more objects in orbit than being catalogued by
Are there any other observers who could identify their Mir debris observations ?
I will try to identify the other fragments.

22h37m33.5s     86-17KQ/23897   Varying and bright     
22h37m55.9s     86-17KU/23901   Varying and bright
22h40m23.3s     86-17KP/23896   varying and bright
22h40m48.3s     to be identified      
22h41m49.7s     86-17KL/23892
22h41m56.1s     to be identified 
22h42m11.8s     86-17KX/23904 (probably)
22h42m12.7s     probably nothing
22h43m17.1s     to be identified
22h43m31.8s     to be identified
22h43m33.7s     to be identified
22h43m52.6s     86-17A/16609, Mir, mag -2
22h44m10.1s     Surprisingly, I could not identify this fragment, it was
rather bright.

Tristan Cools
51.13N  3.16E