96029C trio?

Maley, Paul D. (PMALEY@GP808.jsc.nasa.gov)
Tue, 18 Jun 1996 08:09:40 -0500

Having just returned from 3 weeks vacation, I plugged in the last elsets on 
96029C received from Mike McCants late last week. I was surprised to see a 
trio of 3 objects this morning at 10h25mGMT June 18. All three were about +7 
magnitude and had no appreciable variation in brightness. Four and one-half 
minutes of video were obtained during the pass. The first object led the 2nd 
by 5 seconds and led the third by 6 seconds. The second object was displaced 
westward from the first by about 1 degree while the third object was 1.8 
degrees behind and nearly inline with the first object.  The following 
positions were obtained from video:

Time: 10h25m 56.5s UT was the time for simultaneous positions of the 

object 1:  (1950)  R.A. 1h38.5m  Dec. +40.2
object 2:                          1h35.0m            +41.7
object 3:                          1h38.0m            +41.95

Paul Maley