Re: Mir shedding giant Pepsi can?

Leo Barhorst (
Mon, 17 Jun 96 20:27:13 PDT

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At 03:49 AM 6/15/96 -0500, Dave Mullenix wrote:
>A blurb in this morning's paper says that two Mir cosmonauts filmed
>a Pepsi commercial during a recent space walk, complete with a "giant
>Pepsi can".  Anybody know more about this can?  If it's cast off, it
>would have to be one of the more unusual pieces of orbital debris.
>Karl Marx must be turning over in his grave.

Tony Beresford replied:
>That was almost a month ago Dave, during or just before STS-77 liftoff.
>I dont think its related to the current set of debris we are talking about
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You're both right. On June 13 the two cosmonauts performed spacewalk 6 in 
which they filmed the second part of "Pepsi-can in orbit", as part of a $1 
million advertising project of Pepsi. They filmed each other and the can in 

But Tony is also right. I have a newspaper clipping from May 22 with a
photo of cosmonaut Usachev INSIDE the MIR holding the Pepsi-can. Judging by
the size of the cosmonaut the can is about 1 meter high and a diameter of
0.6 meter. It was made of nylon and aluminium by a team of Space Enterprises 
from San Diego and Space Marketing Inc. in Atlanta; and launched to MIR on
May 5th in a Progress supply craft. It can withstand temperture changes
from minus 70 to plus 90 degrees Celsius. This was the part one.

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